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"A quiver full of arrows"
by Jeffrey Archer


This is the second compilation of short stories by Jeffrey Archer that I have read, and as for the previous book
(A Twist in the Tale), I enjoyed it thoroughly.

My favourite would have to be the last story, titled "Old Love". This one story encompassed, a heart-warming tale with an amusing dialogue and a surprising finale. A truly wonderful tale of two rivals who fall for each other, and spend their lives forever bantering, both genius' of the same class.

Most of these stories have one particular thing in common with "A Twist in the Tale", in that there is a quirk in each storyline which you are looking for, but never seem to locate until the author wishes you to. One example of this is the tale of a boy who witnesses the Virgin Mary and Joseph in bethlehem, trying to find lodgings for the night. This boy then grows to become an important figure, but not, perhaps, who you would expect. This is a beautifully written tale which paints a clear picture for the reader.

Every character is clearly depicted, and Archer shows a talent for creating characters. Each story is both amusing and intriging.

On the whole I find this book enjoyable, each story being a good length, and the suspension being expertly applied.

Most entertaining!


Jeffrey Archer   "A quiver full of arrows"   ISBN 0671426028