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"You belong to me"
by Mary Higgins Clark

  • YOU BELONG TO ME is a superb thriller from one of the genre’s all time greats, Mary Higgins Clark. The story line is filled with non-stop action and the lead character is a strong, but obstinate individual. The secondary players add depth, as several of them could be the murderer. Ms. Clark still has the finesse to provide her myriad of fans with a top rate reading experience.
  • This is the best book ever! I Love Dr.Susan Chandler... She's just amazing... I love Mary Higgins Clark and I think she should write more books about Susan... I read a lot, but none of the books I've read is nearly close to this one... I loved this book and I will love it forever...
  • Susan Chandler, a radio and clinical psychologist who takes it upon herself to solve the Missing Women mysteries. In doing so, she ties herself up in an intrigue that sets her up for the murder's target. Story line is fast moving, an easy read, à la Higgins Clark.
  • A man is killing people just for the fun of it to go along with a song that is called 'You belong to me'. He meets girls on a cruise ship and than convinces them to meet him off the ship somewhere. When they do they never come back. He turns out to be someone that you would never expect until at the end of the book. I never even knew who it was and I still don't believe it.
  • It's great to find a book you don't want to put down and can't wait to get back to.
    Dr. Susan Chander is host of a radio phone-in show. A discussion of a new book on missing women leads to a series of murders, accusations, suspicions and jeopardy for Dr. Chandler herself. Sister rivalries, love interests, a jealous husband, a porn-shop owner all combine to help twist the plot in You Belong To Me. A good old who dunnit."
  • Susan Chandler talks about a disappearance on her morning radio talk show. Callers start to call in with information about the disappearance but before Susan can meet with them they are murdered. Susan doesn't give up though. She finds out that the "one" disappearance may be related to several other disappearances; all relating to the song "You Belong to Me." The killer is someone close to her but knows she has to be eliminated.

         Mary Higgins Clark     "You belong to me"     ISBN  0671004549